What’s in a Name?

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I have a very beautiful daughter, and she has a very lovely name. When I chose her name, Virginia, I chose it for a couple reasons. Virginia was my beloved Grannie’s name.  I know it is an old-fashioned name, but I also feel it is a very beautiful name. It’s eloquent.  It’s classic. It’s mature.  It has potential for cool nicknames such as Gin (like the alcohol) or Ginia, which I think is quite unique.  At one point, when my daughter was a baby she was even Gigi.

Her middle name, Mae, reminds me of Mae West, which I feel makes it a sexy name.  Mae also comes from a derivative of another one of her grandmother’s names. So what do you do when you put a lot of thought into your child’s name and give them what you feel is a very beautiful and timeless name and they decide they do not like it?

I have come across several Virginia’s in my life, and it seems they all tend to change their name to something such as Jenny, Ginny or Ginger. Why? They may view the name Virginia as too old-fashioned, but it seems that more and more I am coming across the name Virginia in much younger people, in songs, and even in movies.   I do believe this timeless and elegant name is being revived and making a come back.  So why be ashamed of such an exquisite name? Why change your name to a very common name such as Jenny? Why be another face in the crowd with the same name as so many others? Why not be a rarity?  Be an alluring treasure that many seek but so few find.

I grew up with the same feelings towards my own name…Kristine, but for the opposite reasons.  To me it sounded so ordinary.  Looking at my generation, it seems there are a plethora of people named Kris (or Chris), stemming from the Christina/Kristine/Christopher names that were so popular at that time.  I didn’t want to be the same as everyone else, but I did have a slight advantage.  My name started with a “K”, which was less common.  Then Charlie’s Angels, one of the biggest hit TV shows of my childhood, introduced the character Kris Munroe…a Kris with a “K”.  And that sealed the deal for me.  She was cool, beautiful, and quite bad ass to the pre-teen me.  And I had the same name!  I no longer wished for a different name.

Until Virginia finds that one reason that will make her love her name, I am sure she will go forth in life experimenting with many variations of it.  However, regardless of what name she chooses goes by, she will always be Virginia to me.  For such a gorgeous and rare creature as she could never have just an ordinary name.  I love you Virginia Mae.



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