Before There Was You

Before there was you
I was just another girl
Doing my own thing
Without a care in the world

Before there was you
Time didn’t mean a thing
I was off and running wild
I didn’t have any strings

Before there was you
I didn’t worry that much
The world’s problems weren’t close
And they weren’t so scary as such

Before there was you
I didn’t know true fear
I didn’t know real stress
I didn’t cry the deepest tears

Before there was you
I didn’t know how deprived I was
I didn’t know my life would change
I guess I didn’t know about true love

But then there you were
You turned my life upside down
With challenge after challenge
With many smiles and many frowns

But I wouldn’t trade one moment
And I will never say goodbye
I would give my own life for you
And you will never have to ask why

For you are forever a part of me
All the good, the bad and even the wild
I will always be there to support you
I will always love you, my dear child


— for Virginia & Klara


4 comments on “Before There Was You

      • Yes it is but it doesn’t stop there…believe me. With each child comes many adventures including spouses, then grandchildren!! They are a new adventure different with each one. Now since the birth of my first great grandson I am experiencing the sense of change, excitement and yes, the sense of adventure all over again. I relish and cherish every moment of his being. He is more precious to me then life itself. Just like his mother and grandfather has been throughput my life.

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