We the People…

I have never been a political person.  Most of my life I never followed anything that even had to do with politics.  I would only pay attention to politicians the closer it got to the presidential election, and then I would vote in that election for who I thought should be president.  I have been so non-nonchalant about the government and its political game that I usually did not even know who the people in the other races on that ballot were.  All that mattered to me was who I thought should be in the oval office.  As for how I picked who I would vote for….well, I got the major points off people I trusted, a few news tidbits and went with it.  I now know that as an American that is pretty shameful.  But now I have opened my eyes, and what I find even more tragic is that many Americans are similar to me.  They have gone so far as to choose their elected officials based on the opinions of celebrities such as Oprah, for the color of the candidate’s skin or even for their gender – maybe for the sake of “finally getting someone” in the office that is not a white male, or for the sake of keeping non-white males out of office.  What most people do not realize is that each of those choices is just as ugly, unjust and inexcusable as the other.  One should not vote for a person for the sake of being progressive. Everyone should review and research the candidates and fully understand who they are voting for.  If that is as overwhelming to you as it is to me, then openly discuss them with more politically educated people so that you at least learn the different views going forth.  I stress openly here, because you need to hear both sides of the coin.  One must realize that no one person should tell you who you should vote for.  And take note: The true choice for which candidate to vote for should be based on the candidate’s experience, leadership, and a true love and concern for the shape of country.  

Sadly….in at least the last decade (from when I started noticing the political game), our government has not embodied such individuals.

I cannot say exactly what took place that woke me up from my political slumber.  But what is important is that I finally did wake up.  So now for me to address all the atrocities taking place in Washington by our “leaders” is hard for me to put into words , but I hope that I can at least make some sense to get a few points across.

Our country, the great United States of America, is no longer great…by far.  Shocked that I said that?  Don’t be.  Take a step out and see how the rest of the world views us.  The very document that helped to make our country great…our Constitution… is now attacked and viewed as open for debate.  How so?  Here’s just one example – the right to bear arms debate.  I have never desired to own a gun in my life.  However, the moment our government started saying we did not need to own guns, that was the moment that I decided I needed a gun.  So yes, I purchased one.  I am learning to shoot it, and quite frankly, I’m pretty good at it.

Anyway, back to our “leaders”.  Whatever keeps politicians looking like the “good guy” or puts money in their pockets will direct where their attention goes.  Our country has become so over-wrought with political correctness that instead of our leaders being decisive, take-charge luminaries, they have become weak and self-serving fascists.  In case you need to know what fascism is, it is a state that is led by a leader such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party — to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. How do they maintain an orderly society?  NOT by controlling violence.  In all actuality, fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Do you see the events playing out in this country (some I dare say have actually been perpetuated by our very president)?  Take a look around people…racial tensions in this country have digressed 50 years.  Hell, they have more than digressed, they have actually flipped.  It took our country decades to break the injustices against black people (and yes I will say black, because unless you personally migrated here from Africa, you are not African, you are simply an American – please forgive my political incorrectness) to now only succumb to it being alright for whites to be the only race it is acceptable to discriminate against.  We are in the 21st Century.. there should NOT be any discrimination at all in the United States of America!  People are people, period.  We are all the same, we just have a variety of colors that makes humanity beautiful.  Enough with the labels already.

Anyway…back to the state of our country.  When President Franklin D. Roosevelt served during the Great Depression, he created the New Deal to stimulate the economy.  When our country was financially devastated, this plan was desperately needed.  Welfare and other public assistance programs that we know today were born out of this.  The New Deal was created to get people back on their feet, back to being self-sufficient.  It was NOT created to give them a reason to be lazy and live out of someone else’s pocket.  However, in today’s society everyone wants free handouts.  Who doesn’t like getting something for free?  Well guess what…they aren’t free.  Every dime handed out comes from somewhere else…it may be from a working man’s paycheck.  It may come from taxes on groceries or gasoline (and yes even the unemployed get taxed here whether you realize it or not).  But you better believe every “free” dollar received has been paid for by you, me and everyone else.

So now as we move forward, with politicians trying to be “heroes” and politically correct, and everyone wanting freebies…we have this development taking place that no one wants to admit.  Socialism.  I know people out there think the idea of socialism is fabulous.  Why would they?  Well, they are looking at the positive aspects of socialism: everyone has equal opportunities and social, economic and political inequalities are reduced. But those people need to take a real hard look at socialist countries, including those who have left that form of government behind and why.  The number one reason socialism cannot work?  Government bureaucrats actually control everything, limiting political freedoms, and in reality regulating wealth.  Economically, socialism hurts entrepreneurs due to higher taxes.  Reducing wealth does not eliminate poverty, it just creates less money to distribute, thereby eventually bringing EVERYONE down financially. And here’s a kicker – if there is no gain to working hard, why work hard?  Negative feelings are generated between workers if they have no incentives to work harder, or better if they are going to be paid the same as “lazy workers”.  This impacts employee motivation and production.  So now we have a drop in production and a drop in shared money.  The end result would be a worse economy than you can imagine.  And let’s not forget personal freedoms…in a society where everyone is equal, do you think you will have the choice to put your child in a private school vs public or even home school?  Do you think you have a choice in your healthcare if you are put on a wait list to see those doctors that don’t have the motivation to perform well since they too will be making only as much money as the clerks in the store?  And on a personal level, what if you have a loved one who needs special care? My sister-in-law, Julie, who inspired me to write this post with what she calls her “rants”, made a great point.  She has twin daughters with down syndrome.  She has the freedom right now to put them in special schools when needed and raise them the best way she can while she home schools her three other children.  Freedoms such as these would disappear and the government would step in, most likely to take her girls away and put them in a special home.  No longer would she have a say in how to raise these two beautiful girls.  Julie summed up socialism vs. our current freedoms better than I can:

Socialism – Government dictates what we need and want. We are all equal in all aspects of our life. Healthcare, jobs, schools, etc are all given by the government for the well-being of the greater good. We work, but our money is put back into the government for the purpose of the common good. Peace, we are all doing the same thing for the common good of all. Sounds great!

Freedom – Government governs and protects. We choose our healthcare, jobs, schooling and we can achieve any goals. Our money is ours to spend or donate as we desire. We work hard for all we have. We can be unique in our lifestyles and we are not being cared for by anybody but ourselves. Sounds very hard!

Damn right being free does sound hard!  But look at how many people in the world have left their countries for our “hard” country.  Why?  Freedom.  And to quote Julie once again “I would rather die a poor woman with nothing than to have someone dictate my life.”  People have died for centuries for the freedoms Americans seem quick to want to throw away right now.  Freedoms that include capitalism and the foundation laid forth by our forefathers in the United States Constitution.  Our current politicians are degrading the Constitution of the United States and are pedaling socialism.  They take in refugees and provide them with handouts to set them on equal ground as hard-working Americans.  They are already planting the seeds of socialism with every new foot that comes to American soil.

But enough of my rant on socialism.  It all boils down to the fact that this is an election year.  Beware of these socialistic or fascist politicians.  Open your eyes and see what our current government administration has done to damage this country.  Notice the politicians who support what has already taken place.  Notice the corruption that looms in all political parties.  You cannot avoid the political party system, but you can stand up for our Constitution.  We the People have the voice and the power to make this country great once again.  Don’t allow the government to take that away.  Don’t blindly be misguided by the masses.  Make an educated vote.  Take responsibility for your own decisions and decide what sort of country you want to live in.  A Great One?  Or one that is on the verge of crumbling like Rome.

Thank you for listening to my first political rant.



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