Isn’t it interesting that we are now living in a day and age where everyone is offended by everything from a historical flag to an occupational job title that has the word “man” in it (i.e. mailman), or even the customs of a holiday that has taken place in various forms through various cultures and religions (including paganism) for centuries just because it does not coincide with one’s current religious views?  Hell, even students on college campuses are offended when they are challenged to critically think about the world, the concept of humanity, or even their own behaviors, stating that their “feelings have been hurt.”  And don’t get me started on those people who choose to immigrate to another country and then complain about that country’s beliefs, freedoms and customs (if it offends you, don’t move there!).

So if everyone is so deeply offended by these things, why is it that:

No one is offended when they see a child (or classmate) being bullied or ganged up on by a bunch of other kids.

No one is offended when “refugees” are ruthlessly attacking and raping women in their own countries.

No one is offended when countless men in our own country partake in supporting the growing sex trafficking epidemic.

No one is offended when they see more and more cops, the very people they also want to defend and protect them, being ruthlessly killed.

Exactly why is it offensive to hear a word you don’t like, an idea you don’t agree with or the reminder of true historical things that once took place, yet it is OK to see such humiliation, degradation, disrespect and brutality taking place in our world.  Are your feelings so much more important than human dignity, humanity or even life itself?



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