Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

Easter 2005

Easter 2005

This weekend is Easter. As I was out shopping with my friend Lori today, we came upon all the Easter items.  Lori asked me if I was going to make Easter baskets for my girls this year. I laughed and said I thought that they were too old for that now. She disagreed and pointed out to me that we only have a few years left before our children are gone from our homes, so she will carry on the tradition until then. I gave it some thought and remembered that, yes, I did make them baskets last year. Why should this year be any different?  Was it because my oldest just obtained her driver’s license and her first car? Was it because my youngest will be starting high school this year? No, Lori was right. We still have a few years left before it will truly come to and end.   As we reminisced about when our teenagers were young, we started picking out items for their Easter baskets.

After we reached the end of our shopping and checked out, Lori realized she had forgotten something. While I waited for her, a younger mother came by with her two year old. I was amused as she corrected him for referring to an older (and unrelated) couple in the checkout as grandma and grandpa. She laughed as she explained to me that they weren’t his grandparents and he didn’t quite understand so many things just yet, providing me with more examples.  I shared how Lori and I were just reminiscing about when out kids were that age. As most people are used to hearing, she reiterated that she was sure the time will fly by faster than she thinks.  Just then, a text message came through my phone from my youngest, Klara. It read, “is it okay for Virginia to shave my head today?” I chuckled and looked at the woman and replied, “yes it does go by very fast, and then one day you get a text from your teenage daughter asking to shave her head.” She gasped, then laughed, and we parted ways.

Just where does the time go?  It is simply amazing how quickly our babies change from these cute little beings who rely so much on us into independent young adults who no longer feel they need you.  I cannot say I miss having little children to care for, but I do miss my children being little.  So yes, the Easter Bunny will return to my home once again this year.  Why not?  They are still my babies, and they always will be.

Oh, and in case you are wondering… my answer to shaving the head?  No.  But when it was fought with “it’s my hair”, and that hair is already blue, I figured where’s the harm?  When I was a kid, it was extreme for kids to dye their hair, yet I did it.  I guess it’s only natural my own kids would kick it up a notch.  Isn’t that what each generation does in order to be more unique than the last?  Besides, it is only hair.  It will grow back.  And if there is ever a time to be crazy with your style, it is before you are looking for or have a job.  Oh, and she wasn’t referring to her entire head.  At least she looks very festive for the holiday! 😉

Happy Easter!





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