No Matter How Small…


I wanted to write about this the other day, and it almost slipped my mind; however, this is too precious to pass up. Tuesday night I went to a homeowner’s association meeting with my friend and neighbor Lori. While we were away, apparently a little girl and her father from the neighborhood came to the house and left a chocolate chip cookie for me. This precious little thing had made chocolate chip cookies for all the moms in the neighborhood and was going door to door to pass them out.  I have no idea what the circumstances were surrounding her desire to do something for all the moms.  Was it her idea?  Was it her father’s idea? Is she is motherless, and is this her way of honoring her mother?  I could ponder many questions, but I will never know the reasoning.  I suppose the “why” does not matter any way. I have no idea who they were since I was not there, but I hope somehow they know how generous and beautiful this gesture was.  This was an act of selfless beauty, and this man is doing a remarkable job of raising his daughter to spread love in a world that is so desperately in need of it.

So to whomever you are, I thank you both, and may your lives forever be blessed with the happiness you so easily spread to others.


no act of kindness quote


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