The Coupon Torment

Couponing. I seems everyone everywhere is couponing these days.  There are websites dedicated to this craze.  They will tell you when and where you can take coupon x to an already existing deal on product x to basically obtain said item for free.  No matter how hard I try, I could never get couponing down.  Heck, I could barely use a coupon to my benefit as it is!  Every time I go to the store with a coupon, I either leave it in the car or it is already expired.  It has become quite the joke in my household to the point where I receive cheers from my girls if I actually pull out a coupon at the store and it is still good!  I’m sure I’ve even blogged about my inability to use coupons already.  But it’s all good.  I’ve accepted my coupon failure fate. But then the universe decided to start taunting me once again.

My birthday was last week.  Each year I tend to get numerous emails and/or coupons specifically designed to reward me with something discounted or free for my birthday.  If it is a discount I may or may not use it, but if it is something free, then I try to do my best to not let a good thing go to waste.

Coupon #1 – a free Starbucks drink.  I went to Starbucks with a friend and was excited to see I had a free birthday drink on my phone app.  Before I could use it, my friend so graciously bought my drink and told me to save the coupon for a “second” freebie (thank you by the way!).  So I tucked my phone away.  I had forgotten that Starbucks changed their free birthday drink coupon from “use any time during the month” to “use within a few days”.  On December 1st, the joke was made that I had let the coupon expired, and I thought, “no I didn’t”.  But then I opened up the app, and what do you know…it expired November 30th.  Damn. Well I got one free drink, but lost the opportunity to obtain two.  Missed opportunity #1.

Coupon #2 – a free Dunkin Donuts drink.  On my birthday, I went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered my free coffee along with a few other things.  The girl behind the counter was an obviously new.  Thanks to the ordering screen, I watched her screw up the order twice and I talked her through correcting it twice.  Then I gave her my coupon.  Confused, she asked me what I wanted to get with it, and I said my coffee.  So she proceeded to add the coupon, delete the coffee, then delete the coupon.  Wrong method.  I had to talk her through the order again, and had to have her correct it AGAIN.  I then talked her through how to do the coupon (apparently I visit Dunkin Donuts too much).  I received my free drink…but if I had let her do it her way, I would have had the chance to use my coupon twice.  Guess that was a free gift from the universe I let slip away.  Missed opportunity #2.

Coupon #3 – a free meal from Au Bon Pain.  I was cleaning out my emails today and found an email for a free birthday meal.  Expiration date:  TODAY.  Thinking I was lucky once again for not letting another coupon slip away, I promptly went to Au Bon Pain to obtain my lunch.  When I went to check out, the girl at the registered messed something, so she looked and me and said “go ahead, have a good day and use your coupon another day”.  So yes I got my free meal, but I also got an opportunity to use my coupon a second time.  Unfortunately it expires TODAY!  Missed opportunity #3.

I find it amusing that the universe wants to keep taunting me with missed coupon opportunities.  But that’s alright, I still got my three freebies, and a little bit of a laugh on the way.



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