30 Day Drawing Challenge

I decided to have a little fun and give this drawing challenge a try.  Other than a couple doodlings of my girls’ portraits a year ago, I haven’t really drawn in many years and currently lack creativity. I had hoped this would jump start my talent once more.  I completed this with one rule in mind…no more than five minutes allowed per drawing.  It turned out to be pretty hard.   Not only was the five minute time limit difficult, but I completed all my drawings on post-it notes with limited supplies.  About half way through I decided to at least invest in some colored pencils, as the fat markers I had on hand were just too big for the post-it notes.  If I continue to draw, I will definitely have to invest in better supplies.  Over all, the project was fun and it has gotten me interested in doodling again.  Only time will tell if I can get back the talent I once had.


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