About Me

When my oldest, Virginia was two, and I was pregnant with my second child, Klara, I started writing a journal about all the cute little things Virginia would say and do.
That journal has grown into several journals for both my girls now, however, I have found in the hustle and bustle of working a full time job and being a mom, it had gotten more difficult to keep up with my hand-written journals. Given that I spend so much time on the computer, and that I am a much faster typist than writer, I decided to switch gears and to start blogging.

Initially my blog was a way for me to record inspirational moments in my life that I wanted to share with those who are close to me. But, being that I have always loved psychology and am fascinated with the things people do and why they do it, my blog started to gravitate more towards my observations and experiences of the world around me. Also, please be sure to check out my Poetry page!

I do not write to intentionally offend anyone, and if I do offend you, well you don’t have to read it. 😉

You can learn more about who I am through my blog, with special emphasis in these blogs:

Welcome to my little view of the world.



11 comments on “About Me

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  2. If u have always loved psychology and r fascinated by what people do and why they do it, I think you will truly love our work. If I want to check it out. Andy. Guidedselfhealing.org
    Really looking forward discovering your blogs.

  3. Hello Kris.
    I was reading the Chinese Numerology report you received last year and I would like to know where I can order one for me, because I’m studying numerology too.
    Thanks for your help.

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