Don’t Judge

I am writing this blog as an open-letter apology to my readers; my friends.  When I write, I write about the same stuff I would laugh about in person with you.  Sometimes I have laughed about it with you, then said, “I have to blog about this.”  I try to write exactly how I felt that moment and what took place in my perspective, just as I were talking to you face to face.  Ironically, some of the things I write about may seem funny when we are talking about them, but then I find you aren’t laughing when reading this same story in print.  Is it because the tone of voice is missing?  Is it because the chance to interject statements or questions is missing?  Perhaps it’s just because you can’t see how happy I am when I write about my adventures (or misadventures).  Seriously, I am only writing to share my view of the world.  I am not writing to hurt or offend anyone, especially you.  I keep the people I love (YOU) in mind when I write, and I write the way I do, believing that you would agree that nothing negative is being said about you.

So, if you are one of the many people I love so dearly, and you have read a blog I wrote that has pertained to you, please understand that there is NEVER an intention to devalue our relationship.  I write because I love it.  I write so you know a little more about me.  I write about you, because I love you!  There is no hidden agenda.  If you know me and take offense to my blogs, please ASK ME about my intentions.  Otherwise, I have to ask you, with nothing but love in my heart, to just not read them.


2 comments on “Don’t Judge

    • It will get better! There will be plenty more ups and downs, but life’s an adventure worth taking. Don’t give up, or you’ll never know what wonderful moments are waiting for you! 💙

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